Call your local MP

Call your local member of parliament!

In addition to writing a letter to your MP, you’re also able to call them over the phone.

It is their job to listen to you. We need to tell them how urgently the WA mental health system needs to be re-balanced with more funding being allocated towards mental health community support and mental health prevention services.

You can use our online tool on this page to find your local member of parliament and an overview of some of the things you might want to say. 

You’re then able to let us know how your call went, and what they said. This feedback helps us to see what stance your MP has on this topic.

Remember to keep it on message, and about the Prevent Support Heal campaign.

If you need any support in what you might be able to say to your member of parliament, the Prevent Support Heal team is available to assist. Please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This graph is pulled from our ‘State Election Platform’ which outlines exactly how WA’s mental health system should be funded.