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Jasmin’s Story

Jasmin’s Story

I was nine years old when I was clinically diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and put on heavy antidepressants. At the age of fifteen, I had been in and out of psychiatric wards for three years, struggled with Anorexia Nervosa for two years and attempted suicide numerous times, the first time being at age twelve. I had no desire whatsoever to keep living and despite what I thought to be impossible, every day proved to get dimmer and more gloomy than the last.

By the age of fifteen, I had attended regular sessions with fourteen different counsellors/physiologists and had lost all hope. Months before my sixteenth birthday, I began my journey to recovery at The Esther Foundation, a women’s residential rehabilitation program. My family initially sought The Esther Foundations help due to the never ending spiral of depression and suicidal tendencies that had become their daughters reality and had only continued to get worse from the age of six.

I became passionate about my recovery, started working shifts at the Esther Foundation and made lifelong friends. I have since left the program and have been off all medication for three years. However I still attend weekly counselling sessions at Lifeline WA, and I can confidently say that they are the best counselling service I have been to. Whilst I still have my bad days, I know that I now not only have the tools to cope with them but that I am strong enough to push on.