Our State Election Platform

What is our election platform?

The Prevent Suppport Heal ‘Election Platform’ is a report outlining the specific election asks that we are asking all political parties to commit to in the 2021 State Election.

The initiatives set out in our State Election Platform provide investment options to balance the WA mental health system. They are labelled ‘Quick Impact’ – those initiatives expected to deliver significant benefits within two years, and ‘Balance the System’ – those that require further scoping and development or may require a longer implementation timeline before significant benefits can be seen.

The Optimal Mix

The Government should fund mental health services in line with the Better Choices. Better Lives: Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 (The Plan), which outlines the optimal mix to deliver an efficient and effective mental health system as shown below:

Campaign 2021 election commitments

The Prevent Support Heal campaign seeks 2021 election commitments from all political parties to increase investment in prevention and staged growth in innovative approaches to community support over 5 years, in line with The Plan targets:
• An increase in prevention spend from 1 per cent to 5 per cent of total mental health spend
• An increase in investment to increase community support by five-fold

The Plan says we need to invest $334 million in community support and prevention per year by 2025 to balance the system.

Read our asks for the following categories:

Read the report

Read our in-depth report including our specific election asks and costings in our downloadable version of our State Election Platform.